Kicking off Fall 2016 with Human Centered Design

In Fall 2016, I am teaching first-year graduate students human centered design as part of the MFA Interactive Media core curriculum. The CIM 643 class was once called Designing for Interactivity, but we are refocusing it to Human Centered Design (HCD) to ensure students are prepared to create innovative solutions from the perspective of users.

This is the first semester that we are pairing two courses together as co-requisites: CIM 643 (with me, Lien Tran) and CIM 690 Interactive Prototyping (with my colleague Kim Grinfeder). We are using the Luma Institute‘s Innovating for People Handbook for Human-Centered Design Methods book and Luma’s Project Planning Kit to apply an HCD approach to a few team-based design projects this semester. While my class focuses on the Looking and Understanding phases of the Luma practice, Kim’s class will focus more on the prototyping using Sketch, Invision, HTML/CSS/javaScript and other tools.

This is also the first semester we have PhD students mixed in with our MFA students, which is awesome. They are getting exposed to hands-on design thinking and creating to go along with the theory and research! Welcome to 2016-17 at the U!


HCD students brainstorming potential stakeholders for a national weather website.